Fast Cure (MMA)

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) flooring systems are unmatched in adhesion and durability.

If you can't afford down time, Methyl Methacrylate is your choice.  MMA systems dry within minutes, and are fully cured and ready for traffic less than one hour after application!  Often, a floor can be 100% completed overnight; including all surface preparation and the installation of multiple MMA coats.  Give us the floor at 5pm, and we can usually return it by 7am!

MMA's are based on a unique chemistry providing a chemical bond to the concrete, as well as a mechanical bond.  Most MMA systems are guaranteed to never delaminate from the substrate.  A variety of systems are available, including paint chip and quartz surfaces.  A typical MMA floor is installed at a nominal 3/16" thickness.  The surface may be textured with aluminum oxide, glass beads, or silica sand.

MMA floors are chemical resistant, especially to acids.  They are very popular in kitchens, food processing plants, sports stadiums, and manufacturing facilities.  The system may be installed outdoors,  For repairs, methyl methacrylate mortars and elastomeric coatings are available. These products are also great for Freezer floor repairs.

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